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About Us 

Much like our own species, buildings are intended to be beautiful in and out, which is why we, at Super Homes aim to deliver the most Architecturally pleasing homes with uncompromised quality construction. Super Homes is a truly Indian Construction company dedicated to enhance the environment and to maximize customer satisfaction. At Super Homes, we believe real estate is not just about building a home, it's about building a superior lifestyle. This is the ideology with which we aim to build your dream home!


Mr. Sudhakar Donthula, managing partner at Super Homes has more than a decade experience in real-estate. After Finishing M.Sc. in Chemistry and LL.B from Osmania University, Mr. Sudhakar took up a job at APSRTC. After 18 years of fruition in senior manager cadres of different job responsibilities, Mr. Sudhakar set out to build Homes better than most, hence the name Super Homes Construction has come to being. There are homes and then there are Super Homes! Ever since its inception, Mr. Sudhakar with Super Homes delivered multiple apartment buildings with utmost customer satisfaction, thus revered in the real estate industry!

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